Thursday, 21 July 2016

Creative Gospel

Let me tell you a story.
A story of us, but before there was us. Let me tell you of a God so powerful and creative that he made light and dark. With a single word light burst into existence, colours began to form and a world began to take shape. And a man.
 A God so loving he made another so that neither of them should be alone. A God so wise that he gave us choice, freedom to love and a freedom to choose him. And it was ruined, thrown away, discarded like another phase of life.
For centuries people doubted, people fought, people were shown great miracles if only they would believe again. But again and again love was thrown away.
But still God loved. He sent himself in human form, his son, whom he loved with every fiber of his being. Let me tell you about a man who brought back love. Who told the least they were the most, who told the neglected they were worthy, who healed those others would not touch. Let me tell you the story of a love so pure he chose to die an unfair death, taking everything from within the hearts of people and wiped them away with his own blood, so that once again we may choose.
A love so strong that it endured mockery, beatings and a crucifixion, the most agonizing death man could perform. Bleeding out and suffocating for you.
uttering his last words ‘it is finished’
Let me tell you the story of salvation, that the God of everything cared so deeply, so fully, and so passionately that he insisted you be saved, dying for each of us, as though it were just you.
Generations upon generations later and an act so powerful, so that you would know in the deepest most secure part of your heart; love. A love so passionate it cries out for you, has pursued you all the way and all you must do is step into it. A victory so profound and earth shattering, a victory that the enemy desperately tries to take from you. Because such a victory gives you power, it gives you an authority, it gives back to your heart what has been missing from the beginning.
Love. A lover so perfect, a love so pure, a love that was taken from you centuries before you were born. A love that makes you whole again. No greater love has any man, than he that sacrificed everything for you. 

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