Thursday, 18 August 2016

 A Question of Impossibility

I wonder where the mountains would be if people realized they could move. I wonder how many stars they’d have if they realized they could be caught. I wonder how much bigger God would be if we realized the extent of the universe. When did it become so important to be realistic? What was wrong with being logical? If we can move the mountains, then why don’t we?
 If we can catch the stars why do we not fill jars, if God is so big, why do we imagine Him so little, with no control over what we do?
Since when was having all the answers more exciting than the wonder of it all? Why do we ague tirelessly about things no one will ever really know more about. Why do we waste time counting stars when we can enjoy them? Is that not what they are for? Why do we debate over small petty issues if we can see the enormity of God? Why do we feel so alone if he loves us so relentlessly?
Why do we tell ourselves we cannot move the mountains? We’ve been told we can by high authority, what is it that stops us from even trying?
imagine the things that could be done if only we dared to trust, to live in wonder and amazement, to believe our God is as big as the stories we were told. But instead we come with our realistic views. If we can trust God, then why would we not be able to move mountains, if we can believe in miracles why do we not try and catch the stars, and if we can see the universe is big then why do we not take note of the enormity of God. If we can trust God then why do we doubt what he says, why do we not order mountains to be moved?
What is it that we are afraid of? If we follow the will of God we could never be disappointed, He wants to show us amazing things, He made everything so we can enjoy, but we hold ourselves back out of a deep fear, that maybe we’ve got it wrong, maybe this is it, and maybe it can’t be done.
And so the mountains stay still, the stars are out of our reach, and God doesn’t really care.
But it bothers you doesn’t it? Now that you know. You look at the mountains and you wonder, you see the stars and you pause, you think about God and you have a feeling.
There’s a spark in your heart as you begin to look around, you’re eyes widen when you see it. Wonder stirs once more as you look as a child would, no numbers, no equations, no big words and complicated debates. Look at the world for what it is, not what you were told to expect of it. Forget about the disappointments, the heartbreak in the past.
Every day, look. Look at the world as if you’ve never really seen it before. Because have you really? Do you really know what to expect? Learn to stand in awe and wonder, learn to feel small, so that you can see that it’s all so big.
I wonder where the mountains would be if you realized they could be moved.

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