Sunday, 11 September 2016

 Dear Friend...

I lift you up, beside me and above me. Not so I can be trampled, but because you can be better and I know I can get there, but you need help.
I don’t ever do it because of anything either of us have done, or even not done.
I do it because of love. I am called to love. So I love. I do not love because, nor do I love despite. I simply love.
There is nothing I wish to gain from you; I have no expectations or misconceptions. There is nothing you can do to earn my help, it is offered freely.
I was created by a God who wired me to be love in this world, who wired and programed me so deeply that anything else I chose to do is learned. And I have no reason to ever be anything other than what I was created for; I have no account I can give that would explain why I would think myself exempt from love. No amount of my own hurt allows me to be anything other than love; it simply means I should know the importance and value of love.
I have no right to be hateful of others, no reason to think myself better. No excuse exempts me from the calling we are all given. To be love and light in a world that needs it.
And you my friend, you are deserving of love, of my love and the love of others. You are not entitled to it; it is a gift, freely given, a fondness of the person you were created to be and have become.
We all go around loving others who love us and think that we are being generous, we wish the best on our enemies and call ourselves strong. Anybody can love because, but then it’s not really love, its thankfulness, a general fondness. Anybody can love despite, but that’s not love, that’s ignorance, and taking into account things that don’t really matter. But to love for the sake of love; recognizes that God first loved you, and so will I.
If God can love even me, it is certain he loves you.

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