Thursday, 29 September 2016

When You Can't See The Whole Plan 

You, my darling, are not a failure. When God made you failure isn’t the word he chose and when he called you it was not the name he used. 

You just weren’t called like the others. God had something special for you and it just wasn’t ready when you were. So God gives you your next best step to prepare you for something you can only be prepared for by experience.
And it feels wrong, like you’re wasting time, sitting in a waiting room for God to call your number. But there is something in your waiting room, an experience you need, something you need to see first, something you need to know.
And sometimes you feel forgotten because it looks like others are skipping the line. But life is not prescribed into set paths.
And waiting is painful; not being able to see the future when others can is often painful.
But darling, there is a plan for you, and knowing it all is just too much. I have no doubts God is excited about your plans, I can imagine it takes restraint not to tell you. But you learn things like this. A plan like yours requires a different sort of faith, a daily bread sort of faith that requires foresight enough to start asking God now because you only see provision for today. And so it goes forth, your next best step. One step, the next step, and before you know it he’s teaching you to walk.

So darling, you are not a failure because you can’t see the whole plan or because your path doesn’t look like it’s supposed to, you have more realistic things to worry about than ‘supposed to’. You have a God with great plans and they’ve already begun, in the things you will learn every day until then.  

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