Wednesday, 8 March 2017



And so, when God comes through for you; when he relieves you of your suffering and anguish, when he delivers you to safety, when his promises and prophesies are fulfilled, when he blesses you; make sure to rejoice.
Shout with joy, and with grateful hearts sing praises to his name.
Let everyone know the joy in the hope that you have. Your family will see the work of God and surely even your neighbor will know the faithfulness of your God. Your struggle will become a testimony and encouragement for those around you.
But speak his name for your own benefit also; this way you no longer will hold back from God; but your heart will understand and carry memory of the goodness of God and you will become confident in trusting God again.
When you speak aloud your triumphs of faith you renew your vigour for remaining faithful to God.
No longer do you have any stories about how you struggled and waited, but instead you have glad testimonies of the work of God in your life.
Give credit to God when your season of suffering ends; be thankful when he blesses you. Shout with joy and sing praise.
So that your neighbour will know, and your heart will understand that God has done a work for you, and will continue to work and come through for you. That He can be trusted.

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