Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Cards Have Been Dealt 

You are not the cards you have been dealt. 
Maybe the cards you have seem worthless in the game you're playing. 
But the truth is you can lose off a winning hand, you can win on a bad hand. 

The trick is not the cards you have, but the way you play them. Maybe the problem is that you’re playing the wrong game. Maybe you’re too caught up in how bad your cards are that you’re not seeing the way to win. 

Sometimes you have to loose a hand to win the game, or maybe loosing a game helps someone who needs a win more.
There is more than one outcome in a game, and winning is not all measured by the same stick. 

The point is you are not the cards you have, in any game, just as in life. Whether or not you win depends largely on your attitude towards what you have.
The secret with playing any game is looking at what you have, rather than wishing for what you don’t. No single card wins a game, rather it is the way you play it. Play your cards like its the hand you hoped for. 

And with any win you achieve, achieve it with honesty. Someone who isn’t playing the game never really wins. 

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