Sunday, 30 July 2017


Every dream, everything that we seek God for is a like a hot coal.
If we hold it to ourselves it will go cold, losing its spark and heat, but not before it burns our hands. The tighter we hold it the more it will burn and blister our hands, and the coal will die and our burns and worry will have been for nothing, our dreams will die.

But if we give our hot coals over to God He will work wondrously.
Every dream we have that would hurt us-He will take those coals and let them go cold, without burning us first.

Every dream we have that God is pleased with He will take that coal and build us a fire, sustaining the dream, creating a fire of motivation within ourselves, and if we use it to warm ourselves, if we stoke it, He will continue to add fuel to the fire, growing us in our motivation and determination and excitement for our dreams.
With these dreams, we will see a wildfire run its course.

For every coal we have that we try to turn to fire ourselves not only do we burn ourselves but it will likely die on its own-we will soon lose interest or it will be too hard because we won’t have God to add fuel, you cannot stoke a single coal.
And for every coal that we try to turn to fire ourselves that God sees will harm us, He will cause great rains and floods to extinguish our coal.
Not only will we have no fire to warm us; but the water will leave us twice cold-wet and shivering with nothing to put our energy into. And we will bemoan God and feel deserted even though He was saving us.

If every dream is a coal, hot and burning, we must include Him, allow Him to build the fire of our desire so that we may avoid burning ourselves and so that we may have God to provide for us and share in our joy.

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